Episode 19 – Jonathan Kozol at Constructing Modern Knowledge

One of the great joys of hosting the Constructing Modern Knowledge summer institute is being able to share expert guest speakers with our participating educators. This episode features the imperfect, but deeply moving audio from civil rights hero and national book award winning educator Jonathan Kozol recorded at CMK in 2011. Jonathan just published his 15th and final book, An End to Inequality, and as you’ll hear in this podcast, his ideas are timeless.

Jonathan Kozol is a National Book Award-winner who abandoned his Rhodes Scholarship to teach in the still largely segregated Boston Public Schools following news of the murder of Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney in Mississippi. He was subsequently fired for reading a Langston Hughes poem to fourth graders. That experience led to his first book, Death at an Early Age in 1967. Kozol has been urging each of us to do the right thing ever since, including as a guest speaker at Constructing Modern Knowledge!

To celebrate the release of An End to Inequality, Kozol’s 15th book, we are forming an online community to read and discuss this provocative text on April 10th. Won’t you please join us?

1. Register for our Zoom-based April 10th book discussion.

2. Buy the book from Amazon.com or at your local bookstore. Libraries should have copies as well.

3. Join us online at 4 PM Pacific/7 PM Eastern time on April 10th. Registrants will be sent the private Zoom link.

I hope you are inspired to learn more and join us at Constructing Modern Knowledge this July.

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