Crossover Episode 20 – Tinkering 15 for 15

Ryan Jenkins of the Wonderful Idea Co. recently sat down with Constructing Modern Knowledge founder Gary Stager to discuss the lessons learned from fifteen years of leading his summer institute. We are grateful to Ryan for his generous permission to crosspost this short episode. It’s a good one.

Gary Stager and Ryan Jenkins

Ryan says the following about the episode:

Welcome to a series of mini-interviews looking back on past fifteen years of making and tinkering in education. I got inspired for this project because I started working in this field back in 2009, helping to dream up a new space in the Exploratorium called The Tinkering Studio. It seems that around the years of 2008 and 2009 many other influential projects were just getting off the ground and since then, the world of making and tinkering in education has evolved in many new and exciting ways.

– Ryan Jenkins

Watch the episode video here.

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