Crossover Episode 17 – Future Learning Design Podcast: Overhyping Tech & AI in Education

Gary Stager recently appeared on Tim Logan’s podcast, Future Learning Design.

Podcast host, Tim Logan, described the episode in the following way.

Thomas Edison declared in 1913 that “books will soon be obselete in schools” with the advent of motion pictures! 📽 🎬 🤦‍♀️ How often do we get completely lost in the hashtag#hype of the latest hashtag#edtech ‘silver bullet’? Gary Stager, Ph.D.‘s certainly seen it happen at least a few times in the recent past!

This week, we’re sharing the brilliant full conversation of Gary‘s conversation with Tim in June. It was part of the Episode 108 on Advanced AI and education, but there were so many gems that we couldn’t not share it with you! 

Tim Logan, Future Learning Design podcast

We are grateful to Tim Logan and NoTosh for their generosity in allowing us to crosspost their podcast episode here in the Constructing Modern Knowledge podcast!

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